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The Most Up-to-Date REAL ID Information

Posted by Stephanie Cho on Wed, Apr 24, 2019 @ 12:36 PM

Information up-to-date as of April 24, 2019.

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Why AAMVA Verification is not a foolproof ID Authentication method

Posted by Stephanie Cho on Tue, Oct 20, 2015 @ 01:07 PM

A criminal that has your information can take over your life in a variety of different ways: he could take out a loan in your name, he could empty your bank account, or he could even rent a car and simply not return it, leaving you with the bill. The possible uses of a stolen identity are varied and numerous to the savvy thief, but before he can truly put the stolen identity to use, he’ll need to have a physical identification card ready in order to ‘prove’ his identity whenever it is questioned. And thanks to the REAL ID Act, ‘proving’ his identity may have gotten a bit easier…

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Will Smartphones Be The Next Frontier for ID Authentication?

Posted by Sean Trundy on Thu, Aug 06, 2015 @ 10:21 AM

In our tech-based society, smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices are central to our daily lives. One can confidently assume that nearly every American has a mobile device or access to one, leading us to believe that mobile will be the next frontier when it comes to identity authentication.

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Increase Transaction Security Through Identity Verification

Posted by Sean Trundy on Fri, Jul 17, 2015 @ 08:00 AM

Accurate identification papers are essential to safeguarding financial and legal transactions as well as many other sensitive exchanges. Specialty ultraviolet lights are important instruments used in the fight against fraudulent presentation. The right detection tools can augment existing fraud detection practices while empowering your employees and agents with greater defenses against the use of false identity documents.

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Would your employee catch this fake ID?

Posted by Alisha Acosta on Thu, Jun 18, 2015 @ 08:48 AM

Recently, in Brooklyn, a man successfully made a $1,500 purchase using fake identification at a department store. It was not until he tried to continue his identity theft spree at a nearby Best Buy that he would be caught.  Shortly after his successful attempt at Kohl’s, the man attempted to make a purchase at a Best Buy store, where the suspect tried purchasing $945.32 of merchandise on an existing store-credit-account, without presenting the card. He asked the cashier to look up the card information using his name and date of birth.  In order to verify his identity, the employee asked him for his drivers license.  The employee recognized the New Jersey DL that he presented as a fake. After notifying the store manager, the authorities were called and arrested the suspect.

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The underground market for IDentity Data (Part I)

Posted by Sean Trundy on Wed, May 27, 2015 @ 09:43 AM

Deep in the underbelly of the "Dark Web's" digital black market, identity fraud and counterfeiting businesses are booming. Practically any unscrupulous individual with a computer, tablet or smartphone can gain access to fake drivers' licenses, counterfeit passports, stolen credentials and sensitive financial data.

Additionally, malware is available for sale, or it may leased by the day, week or month. Stolen premium credit card information is just a few clicks away, and many "reputable" black marketers back their credit card information with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Now, that’s service! 

Read on to gain an insider’s track about digital age counterfeiting schemes, hacker resources and rampant identity fraud to better protect your company’s assets.

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Why and How Should I Verify Identity Documents?

Posted by Sean Trundy on Wed, Feb 18, 2015 @ 06:30 AM

Loss prevention is a many-faceted practice these days.  Gone are the times when cameras on the warehouse doors, stringent counts of the cash-register, and steps to secure assets from shoplifting were the main focus of the professionals charged with protecting their company’s profits from shrinking due to fraud and theft.

Today, the L.P. department must be as focused on data security, insurance fraud and counterfeiting as they are on preventing armed robberies, employee theft and shoplifting.

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Identification Verification; A Simple Tactic to Prevent Fraud Losses

Posted by Alisha Acosta on Fri, Jan 23, 2015 @ 08:12 AM

    At some point, every business should ask itself, “What is the easiest way to prevent fraud from occurring at my business?”
What if there was one technique that could be the ultimate fraud prevention method? 
Well there is.

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Identity Authentication Program Increases Profitability

Posted by Sean Trundy on Wed, Jan 14, 2015 @ 08:30 AM

 Does your business handle in-store credit applications? Are you verifying the identifications of the applicants when they apply for loans? How are you verifying credit applicants’ identification? These are all valid questions you should be asking yourself if your business issues store credit on a consistent basis.

Recently we were approached by a customer, who was in need of a solution for verifying the identifications of their loan applicants.

Topics: identity theft, retail fraud, ID Verification, counterfeit fraud prevention

New Changes to Credit Cards to Prevent Credit Card Fraud

Posted by Alisha Acosta on Mon, Jan 12, 2015 @ 08:00 AM

      The New Year is bringing a change to the credit card industry. In the United States, credit card companies will be transitioning to the EMV card system.  Now credit cards will be embedded with a smart chip. The chips are the credit cards companies’ preventative method against credit card fraud.

So what is EMV?  It is the card system known as Europay, which is the standard for Visa and MasterCard in Europe.

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