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The Importance of Family Identity Theft Protection

Posted by Eric Haruki on Fri, Mar 26, 2021 @ 02:36 PM

At this point, the concept of identity theft has thoroughly pervaded our popular lexicon and invaded our semblance of “security” in the digital space. Word of new security breaches or successful phishing exploits darken our news pages seemingly every week, with every successive hack outdoing the ones that came before.

Topics: verification of ID, counterfeit fraud, mobile fraud prevention, card skimming

The Next Big Wave of Fraud: Card Shimming

Posted by Stephanie Cho on Wed, Feb 08, 2017 @ 08:33 AM

What is Card Shimming?
Card Shimming vs. Card Skimming
What are CVVs?
Why Cards are Skimmed
Why Cards are Shimmed
Why Card Shimming is a Bigger Problem than Card Skimming
How to Protect Yourself from Card Shimming

Topics: credit card fraud, debit card fraud, skimming, credit card skimming, atm skimming, card shimming, atm shimming, shimmer, card skimming, skimmer, atm shimmer