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UVeritech’s ULED-2000 Helps You Fight Fraud and Your Electricity Bill

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Counterfeit detection continues to be one of the most crucial steps a brick-n-mortar operation can take to protect themselves against fraud. Increasingly savvy fraudsters take advantage of unsuspecting individuals and businesses alike, and news outlets are kept busy reporting on their schemes. Recently, articles about large amounts of fake cash circulating have surfaced in both Wisconsin and Pennsylvania. Law enforcement agencies have reported that several of these fake bills spread many times without people realizing. Often, bills are not found to be fraudulent until a deposit is attempted by an unsuspecting business at their bank, leaving the business to take the financial hit.

Other news reports show that Fake IDs are on the rise, with some counties reporting the highest number of fake IDs on record for 2021. Earlier this year, customs agents in Cincinnati seized over 2,200 fake IDs in just one month’s time. Fake IDs can be hard to identify without the proper tools, leaving cashiers to the tricky task of deciphering documents while trying to balance customer satisfaction.

If that wasn’t enough, stolen credit cards continue to be used to conduct fraudulent purchases. One couple in Dalton, GA racked up nearly $1,500 in merchandise before raising alarms and are still yet to be brought to justice. In another recent report, an Ex-HP employee has been charged for a $4.8 million credit card fraud scheme, and unfortunately like other types of fraudulent activity, credit card fraud continues to rise.

You might be wondering, “What counterfeit detection solution is best to safeguard my business against fraud?”

Well, you’ve come to the right place! Here at UVeritech we have been the leader in counterfeit detection for over 20 years. We were the first company in the United States to address point-of-transaction document fraud with sensible easy to use solutions that actually work. We have constantly evolved and adapted with new technologies over the years to provide the most up-to-date solutions for businesses in the fight against fraud.

One of our most recent additions to our counterfeit detection solutions is the ULED-2000.


The ULED-2000

What is the ULED-2000?

The ULED-2000 is one of our newest counterfeit detection devices. Similar to the FraudFighter UV-16 - the best-selling UV counterfeit detection light in America - the ULED-2000 uses ultra-violet (UV) light to enable users to view the “hidden” UV-fluorescent security features on US Dollar Banknotes, Driver’s Licenses, and Credit Cards, so that they can quickly and easily verify the validity of the document. Training materials with full-color images are accompanied with the unit to show operators how to accurately identify UV markings on the various types of documents.

Unlike previous models, however, the ULED-2000 uses Light Emitting-Diodes (LEDs) instead of fluorescent light bulbs, removing the waste and hassle of having to replace bulbs in your unit as they burn out.

“How do I know if the ULED-2000 is the right counterfeit detector device for me?”

See below for a comparison chart of our various UV Light Products:


The ULED-2000 compared against some of our other models

As you can see, the ULED-2000 uses the same power source as our other plug-in units but due to its LED bulbs, it consumes far less energy. The ULED2000 uses only 5 Watts (5 volts x 1.0 Amps) compared to the UV-16s 24 Watts (120 Volts x 0.2 Amps); let’s take a look at why this is:


LEDs vs Fluorescent Bulbs

Several of our products in our UV Legacy Line of counterfeit detectors use fluorescent bulbs. While our fluorescent bulbs are of the highest quality for their type, producing 30% more UV intensity than competitor products, they still have downsides as compared to LEDs.

Close-Up Bulb Image 1 WHite background

A T-5 fluorescent bulb used in several of our devices including the UV-16 and POS-15

Fluorescent bulbs are dependent on a chemical reaction inside of the glass to create light. Both mercury and phosphorus gases are used inside the bulb for this reaction. Although fluorescent bulbs are often thought of as a more cost-effective option, they have a limited life span compared to their LED counterparts. Frequently paying for replacement fluorescent bulbs adds up fast, meaning that the long term operating cost of LED light fixtures will be lower than fluorescent fixtures, even though they may cost a bit more at the time of purchase.

Light Emitting-Diodes (LEDs) use semiconductors to convert electricity into light and are one of the most energy-efficient options available on the market using up to 90% less energy than traditional bulbs. In addition to their formidable energy savings, LEDs boost a much longer lifespan of up to 25x greater than that of incandescent bulbs.

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The LED light bulbs used in the ULED-2000

The special UV LEDs in the ULED-2000 are the perfect mix of performance and durability, allowing for accurate documentation authentication without the hassle of regular bulb maintenance. We designed the ULED-2000 with our customers in mind, providing the same quality of product only in an updated, money-saving form.

Interested in getting pricing for your business? Reach us here or call (800) 883-8822 to speak with one of our dedicated sales representatives today!

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