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What Makes You Susceptible to Identity Theft?

Sean Trundy

What Makes You Susceptible to Identity Theft?With recent data breaches across massive retailers from Target to Home Depot, you might be wondering how safe your personal information really is from fraudsters. While identity theft is a terrible crime that can present many challenges, there are many solutions to helping you recover. Prevention is the best place to start, though - so read on for a few tips to help you protect your data and private information.

  • If you have a child, get married, start a new job, or get a divorce, exercise extreme caution when providing personal identification information. Any of these factors increase your risk.
  • Avoid using public wireless networks for anything that requires personal information. The likelihood of having your identity stolen is twice as high if you use public wifi.
  • Exercise caution on social media. Individuals using 3+ social networking sites have a 73% higher chance of identity theft.

Click here to read the full article by Antonia Farzan for Business Insider.

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