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Protecting Your Child From Identity Theft

Sean Trundy

Protecting Your Child From Identity TheftWhen it comes to identity theft, your children are likely not the first ones you might worry about. However, child identity theft is not uncommon and can often go unnoticed for a much longer period than adult identity theft. When adults have their identities stolen, it often comes to light when checking finances, credit scores, and other personal records. Because children will not need to access a credit score for many years, the knowledge of a child identity theft case may be delayed. 

What can you do to protect your child from identity theft risk? Keep a close eye on any records that contain your child's information. Only provide Social Security information to credible sources who explain to you why they need it. Pay attention to emails, junk mail, or correspondences coming to your child's name. Warning signs that something may be wrong include collection calls, rejection from government benefits, or notices from the IRS about income taxes or returns.

Click here to read the full article by Sarah Kovac for Yahoo! Parenting.

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