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Job Seekers Fear Identity Theft Risk

Sean Trundy

Job Seekers Fear Identity Theft RiskMany individuals who are on the market for a new job are fearful of the risks that come along with employment applications. With the wide variety of scams, data breaches, and other potential risks out there, these fears are not unfounded. As most job applications as for Social Security numbers, job seekers are right to worry about giving out this type of personal information. 

For job hunters, it is much easier to have a conversation in person about including Social Security numbers and other sensitive information. Online applications, however, may not provide the option to leave off the SSN. You may want to weigh the pros and cons, and investigate whether you can speak with someone about your concerns. If you do choose to move forward with online applications, be sure that you are filling out these forms securely. Identity theft is a concern when any personal information is given out - so keep your eyes open for any risky situations and monitor your regular accounts and credit.

Click here to read the full article by Diane Stafford for the Detroit News.

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