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Surprising Ways Your Identity Can Be Stolen

Sean Trundy

Surprising Ways Your Identity Can Be StolenNo matter how careful you've been to protect your personal data and information, there are still a variety of astonishing ways that your identity can be stolen. 

  • SIM Card: Hackers can duplicate the information from your SIM card to use your plan for free. If you notice any calls or other changes that you do not recognize showing up, notify your carrier immediately.
  • Visual Hacking: This type of hacking occurs when someone spies on your computer screen or other device to obtain your information. To prevent this from happening, you may consider screen protectors and other privacy filters for your phone, computer, or tablet. These protectors allow for you to see your screen easily while obscuring the view from other angles.
  • Digital Identity Kidnapping: While it may not be as terrible as having your Social Security number hijacked, having your digital identity stolen is becoming more common. This type of identity theft may involve a thief creating a social media account or other type of account in your name, using your face and your information. Most social networks have a safeguard in place to prove your authenticity and eliminate the fake profiles.
  • Bad Check Fraud: While we've moved toward identity theft monitoring for bank accounts and credit cards, it's easy to forget about your checkbook. Bad check fraud is still a huge issue - and an old-school scheme for many thieves. If you use checks, leave the checkbook at home and only bring blank checks when you plan to need them.

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