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Identity Theft Tied to Fake IDs for College Students

Sean Trundy

Identity Theft Tied to Fake IDs for College StudentsYoung people who are under the drinking age have long looked to fake IDs to get around the law. While law enforcement has been fighting this risky behavior for decades, a new risk comes along with buying false identification- in the form of identity theft.

While long ago it didn't take much to create or obtain a fake ID, forging ID cards and drivers licenses now requires much more effort to create a "good" forgery. Many young people look to the Internet to obtain fake identification, providing a slew of personal information, from names and addresses to dates of birth and even credit cards. Those seeking phony driver's licenses and other false IDs are at risk of having their identities stolen in this process. 

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo warned college students of the risks of false identification and its ties to identity theft in a talk last week. So far dozens of cases have been reported that are tied to fake ID scams online, and the ripple effects will continue for many collegiates. According to the Federal Trade Commission, 18% of ID theft victims fall in the 20- to 29-year-old age group. Because this group of millennials is more likely to use the Internet and mobile for transactions, they are putting their information at risk. 

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