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Upcoming Fraud and Counterfeit Money Detection Resources

Gary Satanovsky

This past Sunday's Los Angeles Times featured an article quoting Fraud Fighter's own VP of Sales and Marketing Jim Smith on the rapidly growing problem of counterfeit money. Over $180 million in counterfeit bills of all denominations were seized by the government in 2009, according to the article, more than double the amount of the past year.

The LA Times also noted small businesses that operate heavily in cash are especially vulnerable, missing counterfeit dollars either do to reluctance to offend the customer or, more often, inexperience. Fraud Fighter has always dedicated its efforts to providing the tools to overcome these obstacles -- our recently completed series of instructional how-to's on counterfeit detection is just the latest example.

In the coming weeks we will be rolling out additional fraud-deterrance resources on our site, including short videos showcasing paper money and credit card hidden security features, as well as some common unobtrusive ways to precisely tell apart fake documents and bills from the real ones. We invite readers to check back here often for even more anti-fraud strategies and analysis, and stay aware on the latest fraud scams and trends on our Twitter page: @FraudFighting.

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